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Since we believe in a free and open-world, we use some free stuff out there to make drabkirn work as you see it today.

At Drabkirn, We use the following free services(or products or freemium products):

  1. Twitter, Instagram, Discord: To connect, chit-chat, gossip, and, most importantly, share our work with people.
  2. Github: To host, collaborate, and manage our entire source code publically. FYI, we’re entirely on open-source.
  3. Trello: To be at-most productive by managing and versioning our projects in one place using Kanban boards.
  4. Zoho: To manage and read the emails that you send us drabkirn@cdadityang.xyz
  5. Canva: To create sleek and awesome posters and designs for our social media audience.
  6. Vectr: To quickly create logos online in vector format.
  7. GTMetrix: To measure website speed performance and speed up our website with recommendations.
  8. Pixabay: For downloading free photos and use them in our blog or posters in Canva. These photos are royalty-free, so we don’t have to link-back them whenever we use them. We believe everything should be free without any strings attached.
  9. Iconfinder: To use icons for various purposes. We only use icons that require “No Link Back” to authors. Like we said, we believe everything should be free without any strings attached.
  10. Sendgrid: To manage our newsletter and use email marketing in general.
  11. Heroku: To host our open-source apps as a demo application.

We use the following open-source products:

  1. Ghost: To write on our blog with ease, which is accessible at https://blog.cdadityang.xyz.
  2. Matomo: To host our website analytics by preserving your privacy.
  3. Yourls: To shorten our long URLs for you to easily remember and access them seamlessly.
  4. UndrawCo: To showcase our words and feelings in the form of illustrations.
  5. Visual Studio Code: We write all of our code on our machine in this IDE. We do use some extensions, but I think I’ll get a life, and we’ll leave that for now.
  6. OpenVPN: We access all of our codebase hosted on our server through a VPN. This helps us to blockade access to other IPs that wants to access them. Thus, security on the Go.
  7. Web Ecosystem: We primarily use Ruby, Rails, React, and many more open-source products/services to make our websites work. Like We’ve said, we’ll get some life and leave that for now.


  1. Our contributing guidelines on all GitHub repositories are made by referring to the following guides, plus we added more taste to them as per our requirements:
    1. Codenvy Guide
    2. The Odin Project Guide
  2. Our CLA document was created by referring to the following guides, plus we added more flavor to them as per our requirements:
    1. Google Developers Individual CLA
    2. The Practical Dev CLA
    3. Contributor Agreements CLA Chooser

Contact us

We’re always keen to hear from you. If you have any questions or any feedback for us about this policy, you may contact us at drabkirn@cdadityang.xyz.