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Terms and Conditions

There are some rules and regulations you need to read, understand, and agree to access our websites and our products.

The following document informs you about the rules and regulation you need to read, understand, and agree to access cdadityang’s website, Drabkirn’s website and it’s products.

Throughout this document:

  1. Whenever we write “we”(or “our” or “us”), we’re referring to Drabkirn and cdadityang, accessible from https://drabkirn.cdadityang.xyz and https://cdadityang.xyz respectively.
  2. Whenever we write “services,” “products,” we’re referring software built by Drabkirn.
  3. Whenever we write “you”(or “your” or “users”), we’re referring to you(website visitor or who uses our products).

This document is a legal agreement between Drabkirn and you. If you do not agree with these terms or the privacy policy, accessible at https://drabkirn.cdadityang.xyz/legal/privacy_policy, you must immediately leave this website and stop using all of our products. So you are required to read, understand, and agree to these terms.

Security and Privacy

Please check our privacy policy, accessible at https://drabkirn.cdadityang.xyz/legal/privacy_policy, in which we explain what information we collect, why, and how we process and handle that information.


Unless otherwise stated, Drabkirn owns the intellectual property rights for all material on Drabkirn. All intellectual property rights are reserved.

Drabkirn’s and its products logo, name, slogans, statements are not trademarked, but still, you cannot copy, redistribute or republish them. We believe in a free and open world, so we’ve open-sourced all of the Drabkirn, and we expect you to support us on this. However, you can reproduce, modify our products by following the license of a specific product.

Drabkirn Quotes

Drabkirn Quotes, a collection of quotes from Drabkirn, source code is open-source under AGPL-V3.0, which you can find at our GitHub repository. However, you cannot copy or redistribute the Quotes content(i.e., the quote(s) itself) without our consent. However, you can share our quotes with others or include it on your website through our API, provided you put a proper attribution as “Drabkirn Quotes” or provide a link to our Quotes website.

If you think Drabkirn’s or any of its products logo, name, slogans, quotes, or statements represent yours, please contact us through the end of this policy.

Termination and Prohibition

We may terminate or suspend any or all of our services without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if you breach the terms. If you wish to delete any of your data that we have, please contact us. You can read our privacy policy, accessible at https://drabkirn.cdadityang.xyz/legal/privacy_policy, for more information on how we use personal data.

You are prohibited, and we reserve the right to suspend you from using this website, and it’s products if you do the following:

Warranty Disclaimer

You use our website and the products at your own risk. The website and the products are provided on an “As Is, As Available” basis. We shall have no responsibility or liability for any content appearing on our website and services. We disclaim all responsibility for any loss, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting from our website, including but not limited to, technical inaccuracies, typographical errors, or malicious/outdated links.

Third-party links

We provide some third-party links on our websites and products for references or to navigate to other websites. Drabkirn has no control over the content, privacy policies, or practices of any such websites. If you choose to access these third-party websites, you acknowledge that we are not responsible for any content or damage caused on such websites.

We strongly advise you to read the legal documents of any third-party websites that you visit.

Changes to these terms

Drabkirn reserves the right to modify or replace these terms at any time. We’ll notify you of any changes to this document via email address. If we don’t have your email address, we advise you to review this document periodically for any changes.

Contact us

We’re always keen to hear from you. If you have any questions or any feedback for us about this policy, you may contact us at drabkirn@cdadityang.xyz.